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The Rice Times

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4000-5000 years ago, there was a man who lived with his family and had settled down in a forested area. During that time farming had become a usual phenomenon. He was no longer forced to travel and hunt animals for a living. One day, he

KAORU IRIYAMA – who become a chef from a scientist

Kaoru is a passionate Japanese Chef who introduces not only recipes but also unique Japanese cultural experience through her cooking classes. She has been working with Panasonic and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and her cooking show with EDEKA on Youtube Channel is getting more

Know Your Manners: 4 Golden Tips for Korean Dining

So you’ve been invited to a business lunch with your colleagues visiting from the Seoul office. Or maybe you’ve just arrived in Seoul and your Airbnb host family would like to take you to dinner. Feeling anxious about the do’s and don’ts when dining with

Kimchi: The Gut-Pleasing Korean Soul Food

To Koreans, life without kimchi is unthinkable. You may have heard of kimchi, but maybe you don’t know what it means to Koreans. Kimchi is a traditionally fermented Korean side dish, which is more than just vegetables made with various seasonings. Kimchi represents the identity

5 key questions about Chinese New Year — answered!

Christmas might be the most important holiday in Germany, but in China, it’s the Chinese New Year. Commonly known as ‘chun jie’ (Spring Festival), it marks the arrival of spring, which signifies new beginnings.  1. When is Chinese New Year celebrated? So important is this

Finding balance in Chinese food

Vegetables, protein, carbohydrates form the basis of every well-balanced meal and it’s no different when it comes to Chinese cuisine. For the Chinese, it’s important that every meal comprises all of the above to attain balance not just in food groups, but also flavours, colours,

Soy sauce: Light vs. Dark

Ask anyone who regularly cooks Asian food at home if they keep soy sauce in the kitchen and the answer would most likely be ‘yes’. This brownish liquid which is mostly made from a blend of soybeans, wheat, water, and saltis a staple across many east

What’s the deal with mooncakes and the Mid-Autumn Festival?

If you’ve been to an Asian supermarket recently, you might have noticed exquisitely designed boxes of mooncakes occupying rows of shelves in one section of the store. Make no mistake: it’s mooncake season; which means these baked goodies are only here to grace us with