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Jan 2020: China

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South Korea

South Korean Food Box

From the land of K-pop and soju comes our South Korea country box, produced and made in Berlin. You’ll quickly realise this east Asian powerhouse has a rich culinary tradition that has been evolving for centuries, with a cuisine that transcends the dishes it’s typically known for. Widen your horizons by getting yourself a box today!

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Korea's most popular dish is all about the art of mixing. Take various side dishes and stir them together with rice, and what you get is bibimbap. With every spoonful of rice, you get a harmonious blend of everything in your bowl — and that's the way to enjoy bibimbap.

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Japchae is usually served at special occasions such as birthdays or weddings because its glass noodles signify a long, happy, and healthy life. The noodles are made from vegetable starch dish and the dish can be prepared ahead of time to be served hot or cold.

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Bulgogi Deop-bap

Bulgogi is loved for its tender juiciness thanks to its marinade, which pairs very well with steamed white rice. Perfect for solo diners who don’t want the fuss of tabletop grilling, bulgogi deop-bap's convenience makes it a popular choice among busy urbanites.

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