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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does my subscription work?

Each month, we feature a different country-themed box (our Box of the Month), which you will receive on a week of your choice. Simply start your subscription via our website and select your preferred payment method to begin!

2. When will my first order be shipped?

Your first order will be shipped out on the delivery date that you have selected on the checkout page. We ship out our boxes every Thursday.

  • Customers residing in Berlin will receive their boxes on Thursday evening.
  • Customers residing in other parts of Germany (outside Berlin) will receive their boxes on Friday evening.

In the following months, you will receive your boxes in the same week of the month as you had received your first box (e.g. if you had opted to receive your first box in the first week of January, you will continue to receive it in the first week of February, March, April, and so on).

3. I’m going out of town for all of this month. Can I skip my order this month?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to allow our customers to skip or pause their subscriptions at the moment. Trust us that we’re working on it!

In the meantime, you would have to cancel your subscription should you be out of town for an entire month or more. Please see question 5 within this topic category to find out how you may to cancel your subscription. We sincerely hope that you’ll subscribe again with us once you’re back home after your trip!

4. Can I change the contents of the current Box of the Month?

Yes. Please send us an email (support@easycookasia.de) with your order number and let us know what you wish to change the dishes to.

5. May I cancel my subscription?

Yes, please go to Account>Subscription and click on the ‘Cancel’ button on that page.

6. Can I change the week of delivery?

Yes. Please inform us 7 days prior to your expected delivery day if you would like to change your week of delivery. Simply send us an email (support@easycookasia.de) with your subscription number in the subject line and let us know your preferred date.


1. The item in my box is damaged or incorrect. How should I proceed?

Send us an email at support@easycookasia.de with your order number and tell us about the problem with supporting photos. We will get back to you within 1-2 working days.

2. How do you develop your recipes?

We work together with local communities who know the dishes and recipes best. Every recipe that we select has been developed by an expert from each of our featured countries.

3. How do you source the ingredients?

We source our ingredients locally and look for the best available substitutes in local markets to reduce carbon impact from importing products from Asia.

4. Can I return the glass jars in the meal kit?

Of course! Once you have accumulated at least 10 glass jars, please send them back to us by post and we will refund you the postage cost in the form of a 5 euro voucher for your next purchase.

5. For how many days will the food keep fresh?

  1. We source all our ingredients on the same day we dispatch them. Please consume the fresh vegetables within 3 days from the day you receive them.


Protein ingredients will come with an expiration date listed on their packaging and we recommend that you stick to them. If you are unable to consume them by the expiry date, please freeze them and consume them not more than 48 hours after they thaw.

6. Can I buy a country box that had previously been released (i.e. other than what’s featured this month)?

Yes, simply purchase it from our marketplace!

7. What if I want to order individual dishes but not a country box?

You may order single dishes from our marketplace, or select a few different ones to make your own box. We will deliver free of charge with a minimum order of 45 EUR.


1. Where do you ship?

We ship all across Germany, with a focus on the bigger cities* at present. We are working on expanding our coverage outside of these cities and regions as we grow.

*Current cities: Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt (am Main), Hamburg, Hannover, Köln, Leipzig, München, Nürnberg, Ruhrgebiet, Stuttgart

2. How long will my box take to arrive?

If you live in Berlin, you’ll receive your box on the same day we ship it out (Thursday). All other locations in Germany will receive it the next day (Friday).

3. What are your shipping costs?

Shipping is free for country boxes, as well as any orders worth 45 EUR and above. For anything below that, we would charge a shipping fee of 6 EUR per box.

4. Can I change my order once the product has shipped?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow for any change in orders after our products have been shipped.

5. How do I track my box?

You will receive an email from our delivery partner with a tracking number. On the day of the delivery, you will receive notifications via email and SMS before your box arrives.

6. What happens if my box arrives and I am not at home?

Our delivery policy is to ask a neighbour to receive your package on your behalf.


1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via Mastercard, VISA, American Express, PayPal, and Sofort Überweisung.

2. How do I know if my order is successful?

You will receive an order confirmation via email.

3. I have a voucher or discount code. How may I apply it to my order?

Simply enter it in the “coupon code” field before checking out. Your discounted price will be reflected in the final purchase price before you reach the payment page.

4. When am I charged for subscribing to your service?

You will be charged for your first box immediately after placing your order. 


Starting from your second box, you will be charged on the first day of each month. If you’d like to cancel your subscription for the upcoming month, please do so before the first day of the upcoming month (e.g. by 31 January, if you’d like to cancel from February)

Didn’t find the answer you want? Please write to us at: support@easycookasia.de

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