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Experience authentic Asian dining at home

From €6,49 per serving

How it works

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Discover Asia through food with Easy Cook Asia! Subscribe to receive a different country box each 
month or simply place a one-time order for our Box of the
Month. You can also get creative by selecting your
favourite dishes to make your own box. The choice is yours!


Prepare & cook

With our high quality ingredients & easy-to-follow recipes, preparing Asian dishes in your own kitchen becomes a breeze. Food arrives in the right quantities and stays fresh in our cooling pouch so that none of it goes to waste.

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Enjoy a cultural experience

Our Culture Guides are packed with interesting stories
about the dining culture of the featured country to give
you insights into its food, people, traditions, and more.

What's inside
Easy Cook Asia cook box?

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Fresh ingredients

We only select fresh ingredients of the highest quality. The condiments we use have been carefully curated to enhance the flavour of your dish.

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Cooking Instructions

Anyone can cook delicious food with our easy-to-follow recipes that deliver both quality & authenticity.

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Cultural insights

Dive into a world beyond what’s on your plate with our Culture Guide.

See our customer's masterpiece!

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Katarina Müller

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Sooooo happy to receive my Singapore country box today! 🎉🎉 Hainanese Chicken Rice was my favorite while I was studying there and I haven’t had this amazing rice dish since I moved back to Germany. Can’t wait to try out the other recipes!🌝

5 Weeks ago

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Markus Neumann

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Easy Cook Asia made it so simple for us to prepare Asian dishes at home, like this mapo tofu which I’m making for the first time. There aren’t any decent Chinese restaurants where we live so this has been a treat! We have also learnt so much more about Asian cuisines than we ever thought possible. 🍚🍻Thank you, Easy Cook Asia!

3 Weeks ago

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Anne Hoffman

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When I last tried to cook bulgogi, it was a disaster — all because I picked up the wrong sauce from the Asian supermarket. #noobmistake 😹😹 This time, I know I got it right because the kids kept asking for more. It’s cost me close to nothing in terms of time and effort, plus I don’t waste any ingredients. What a lifesaver!🙏

1 Week ago

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